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HealthyPup™ Gums and Teeth

HealthyPup™ Gums and Teeth

HealthyPup™ Gums and Teeth

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"I tried everything from dental chews to toothbrushes and my dog's breath was horrible. Finally I tried Pup Supps and we actually saw improvement! Super happy with this supplement and will be keeping it in Patches diet." - Pauline K.

Ditch those dental chews and doggy toothbrushes. HealthyPup™ Gums and Teeth is the solution. The easiest way to solve your dog's bad breath problem is maple bacon flavored supplement. Plus, HealthyPup ™ Gums and Teeth strengthens your pup's teeth by improving calcium absorption and reduces gum inflammation by fighting bad gut bacteria.

Bad breath and inflamed gums can be due to

❌ Build up of bad bacteria

❌ Diabetes/liver/kidney disease

❌ Gum inflammation

❌ Poor nutrition

These issues can result in massive veterinary bills and a lot of stress for owners. The best way to avoid these is with proper nutrition and exercise.

Pup Supps provides the best health and wellness supplements on the market for your best friend, making them happier and your life easier.

Benefits of HealthyPup™ Gums and Teeth

✅ Fresh breath

✅ Healthy oral microbiome

✅ Strong teeth

✅ Reduced gum inflammation

✅ Avoidance of gum disease


Ingredients Spotlight

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a healthy bacteria cultivated in yoghurt that's helpful for maintaining strong teeth.

L-Cysteine is an amino acid that protects teeth from buildup of plaque.

Our ingredients are so great, we encourage you to check them out for yourself. You can see the list of ingredients in the product images and learn about what they do in our blog posts.

Plus, they're maple and beef flavored, so your pup will love them.


At Pup Supps, we believe in taking our dogs’ nutritional quality as seriously as we do our own. That’s why we only use clinically tested and safe ingredients for our pups. We source the highest quality and use our supplements for our own best friends every day!

We're proud to bring you the leading dog supplements for homemade food, older dogs, and those of us who want to give our best friends a nutritional boost. Our vet recommended dog supplements all include a general base of vitamins, minerals and amino acids along with specific ingredients for each individual product. Every product compares to the best dog supplements plus additional benefits unique to each.

We offer a no-risk, 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, just send it back and we’ll be happy to refund you!

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