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We believe that we should take our best friend's health and nutrition as seriously as we do our own.
That's why our mission is to empower dog owners around the United States to improve the quality of life of their pups through better nutrition.
We started when our founder, Ben, noticed that his dog, a golden-doodle named Abbey, was starting to slow down. She had less energy, ate less and spent most of her time laying around.
He set out to get Abbey in better shape in order to help her live a happier and more fulfilling life through exercise and diet.
The exercise part was easy. He started waking her up at 7am every day and taking her on long walks. The nutrition part was a bit more complicated, so he set to work researching everything about dog nutrition.
He found that, although dog food is supposed to provide everything the dog needs, nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many dogs can benefit from supplementation to their diet, just like humans can.
So he dug deeper and determined a list of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that a dog needs along with the proper dosages based on the dog's size. He took this list and found high quality sources for the key ingredients to use with his dog.
Sure enough, Abbey's energy recovered, she was excited for her morning walks and her tail wagged more. Ben knew that the small change in her diet had profound effects.
Once he saw what proper supplementation could do for his own pup, he decided to share it with the world. He found an FDA approved, USA-based source to produce dog multi-supplements using high quality ingredients.
This was the beginning of Pup Supps, our line of health and wellness supplements that give your pup all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to live a healthy and happy life.
Pup Supps is based in Los Angeles, California and has empowered countless dog lovers around the United States to improve the quality of life of their best friends. We can help you too.
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